Taking Care of your Skin’s pH

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Various skin problems that are often experienced by women are acne, oily skin, redness and premature aging. These problems stem from sun exposure and skincare products. But the pH of the skin also affects the health of our skin.

Maintaining the pH of facial skin is very important so that levels can be balanced and can keep the skin healthier.

What is the pH of facial skin?

Potential hydrogen, also known as skin pH, is a measure used to show the level of acidity in the skin.

Normal skin pH is on a scale of 0-14. The natural pH of the skin has been protected by the acid mantle, which is a thin layer on the surface of the skin that is formed from lipids or fats, amino acids and its secretions on the oil skin.

Acid mantle is what functions to keep facial skin moist and protect the face from dirt. If the pH of the facial skin is not balanced, what happens is that the face can experience redness, acne, dry skin and can destroy collagen in the skin.

How do you maintain the pH of facial skin?

In order to keep the pH of facial skin on a normal scale, you have to do a variety of easy ways to do it at home. If you often go out of the house, make sure you have followed these steps:

  1. Choose Soft Facial Wash

Many facial wash products contain low pH, the goal is to keep the skin moisturised and the acid mantle to function properly.

Look for a facial wash that is soft and comfortable to wear. Do not wash your face using soap which will make your face feel pulled.

If the facial wash contains a sufficiently harsh substance, the effect will be that your face will feel irritated, irritated and feel like it is being pulled.

  1. Use a Toner

There are two types of toner that can be found, namely hydrating toner and exfoliating toner. Hydrating toner functions to keep skin moisturized and healthy.

Use a hydrating toner after every wash your face. The goal is to maintain pH balance by maintaining the production of acidic substances in the skin.

Meanwhile, you can use exfoliating toner to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate every 2 times in 1 week.

  1. Apply a moisturizer

To maintain the pH balance of the skin, you must regularly use a moisturizer. Use a moisturizer every morning and night in your skin care series.

Use a moisturizer brand that matches your skin type. If you have oily skin or acne, you can buy a moisturizer with noncomedogenic because it will not clog pores.

  1. Use Sunscreen

After you have done all the steps above, using sunscreen is very important. Sunscreen contains SPF to protect facial skin from the sun.

Even though the face has an acid mantle that will protect the skin from dirt and heat from the sun, if you don’t use sunscreen, the tissue on your skin will slowly be damaged.