Finding the Right Combination for your Skin

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Caring for combination skin is not as easy as treating dry or oily skin. Because a face with a combination skin condition will have some parts that are oily or dry.

Combination skin is that you have two types of skin on your face that you need to take care of. Therefore, you must find the right steps to treat your skin condition.

What is Combination Skin?

The characteristic of combination skin is the presence of certain areas that feel oily but other parts are dry or normal. This skin type is normal for many people.

The characteristic of people who have combination skin is that the T-Zone area has excess oil. The T-zone area is on the forehead, chin and nose. In this area the skin will feel more oily.

However, in other areas, such as the cheeks, feel drier or tend to be normal. This is natural for many women to feel. and how to treat it is not as difficult as imagined.

How to take care of combination skin

To treat combination skin, there are several right ways you can do it. The following is how to treat combination skin:

  1. Differentiating Skincare

Basic skincare for combination skin is of course very important. If you have an oily T-Zone, then look for skincare specifically for your T-zone area.

Basic skincare for combination skin is to use double cleansing. By using double cleansing, your face area will remain moist and not excess oil.

  1. Find the right facial wash

Now many facial wash products are sold specifically for combination skin. If you have dry combination skin, look for the right facial wash.

Don’t get the wrong choice of facial wash that doesn’t suit your skin condition, because it will worsen your skin condition.

  1. Using Toner

Hydrating toner can be the right choice for combination skin owners. Even though it has an oily T-Zone area, a hydrating toner can help your skin produce less oil.

And in the cheek area that tends to be dry, a hydrating toner will make your skin more moisturised.

  1. Using Moisturizer

Even if you have combination skin, don’t forget to use a moisturizer every day. If the T-zone area is oily, then you can combine 2 different types of moisturizer.

Especially for the T-zone, look for a moisturizer for oily skin and for other areas you can use a moisturizer for normal skin.

But now there are also many special combination skin moisturizing products. Choose a moisturizer that has the best ingredients for your skin.

  1. Sun screen

This stage is very important for treating combination skin. Don’t forget to use sun screens every day.

Sun screen functions to protect the skin from sun exposure which is harmful to facial skin. Use a sun screen type that suits your skin condition. Do not buy a sun screen carelessly, buy one that is suitable for combination skin.

that’s the right step to treat combination skin. the most important thing is to choose skincare products according to your skin condition.