Finding the Right Combination for your Skin

Caring for combination skin is not as easy as treating dry or oily skin. Because a face with a combination skin condition will have some parts that are oily or dry.

Combination skin is that you have two types of skin on your face that you need to take care of. Therefore, you must find the right steps to treat your skin condition.

What is Combination Skin?

The characteristic of combination skin is the presence of certain areas that feel oily but other parts are dry or normal. This skin type is normal for many people.

The characteristic of people who have combination skin is that the T-Zone area has excess oil. The T-zone area is on the forehead, chin and nose. In this area the skin will feel more oily.

However, in other areas, such as the cheeks, feel drier or tend to be normal. This is natural for many women to feel. and how to treat it is not as difficult as imagined.

How to take care of combination skin

To treat combination skin, there are several right ways you can do it. The following is how to treat combination skin:

  1. Differentiating Skincare

Basic skincare for combination skin is of course very important. If you have an oily T-Zone, then look for skincare specifically for your T-zone area.

Basic skincare for combination skin is to use double cleansing. By using double cleansing, your face area will remain moist and not excess oil.

  1. Find the right facial wash

Now many facial wash products are sold specifically for combination skin. If you have dry combination skin, look for the right facial wash.

Don’t get the wrong choice of facial wash that doesn’t suit your skin condition, because it will worsen your skin condition.

  1. Using Toner

Hydrating toner can be the right choice for combination skin owners. Even though it has an oily T-Zone area, a hydrating toner can help your skin produce less oil.

And in the cheek area that tends to be dry, a hydrating toner will make your skin more moisturised.

  1. Using Moisturizer

Even if you have combination skin, don’t forget to use a moisturizer every day. If the T-zone area is oily, then you can combine 2 different types of moisturizer.

Especially for the T-zone, look for a moisturizer for oily skin and for other areas you can use a moisturizer for normal skin.

But now there are also many special combination skin moisturizing products. Choose a moisturizer that has the best ingredients for your skin.

  1. Sun screen

This stage is very important for treating combination skin. Don’t forget to use sun screens every day.

Sun screen functions to protect the skin from sun exposure which is harmful to facial skin. Use a sun screen type that suits your skin condition. Do not buy a sun screen carelessly, buy one that is suitable for combination skin.

that’s the right step to treat combination skin. the most important thing is to choose skincare products according to your skin condition.

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Phototherapy Benefit, Procedures, and Risks

Phototherapy or also known as light therapy is a medical procedure with halogen, fluorescent, or LED light. Doing uva1 phototherapy can overcome skin problems, psychiatric problems, and newborn jaundice. Phototherapy is recommended in certain conditions. Various skin problems including vitiligo, eczema, psoriasis, and itchy skin are advised to apply the phototherapy method. Phototherapy is usually needed for those with sleep disorders, mood disorders, and so on. Phototherapy methods can be used for esophageal cancer, endobronchial cancer, and other cancers including precancerous conditions such as Barrett’s disease. Phototherapy is generally possible for those with newborn jaundice because of hyperbilirubinemia.

Who Should Not Undergo Phototherapy / Light Therapy?

Although phototherapy is very beneficial, there are certain conditions that make it necessary for a person to avoid phototherapy. This light therapy is not recommended for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant. It should also be avoided phototherapy for those whose family members have a history of various skin cancers. Phototherapy is not recommended for those who have liver disease and have lupus.

Preparation Before Doing Phototherapy

There are also various preparations that need to be known before phototherapy. In particular, there are no special preparations before uva1 light therapy is carried out. However, you should discuss everything with your doctor about the risks and benefits of phototherapy first. For those with cancer, a photosensitizer will be applied to their bodies before phototherapy procedure. The light reaction and photosensitizer can produce oxygen in cancer cells.

The Main Type of Phototherapy For Skin Problems or Problems

Phototherapy treatment will use UV rays like sunlight to reduce skin inflammation. For skin disorders, there are three types of phototherapy that are commonly used.

1.UVB Broadband

UVB Broadband is commonly known as BBUVB, UVB Broadband method can treat skin to be healthier and avoid skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. UVB Broadband uses a full spectrum of ultraviolet radiation.

2.UVB Narrowband

The Narrowband UVB method involves a small amount of UVB radiation to treat the skin. Narrowband UVB is arguably more intense when compared to broadband UVB. This type of phototherapy is the phototherapy option most often used by dermatologists.


PUVA involves UVA light along with the chemical psoralen. Psolaren is applied to skin or it can be taken as a pill. PUVA is also more intensive with many side effects. PUVA can be used for vitiligo, psoriasis, and skin lymphoma.

Phototherapy Procedures For Various Skin And Jaundice Problems

Light therapy can be done in different methods. Because it depends on each existing disease that can differentiate phototherapy procedure. There is phototherapy that is done for skin problems. There is also phototherapy performed for newborn jaundice problems. The following is an explanation of phototherapy procedure.

  1. Phototherapy newborn jaundice

When doing uva1 phototherapy for jaundice problems, baby’s clothes are removed first. Until baby is only wearing a diaper. Then baby’s eyes are closed with eye protection. This stage can prevent eye complications due to light exposure used in the phototherapy method. The baby is positioned on his stomach so that he can absorb light more effectively when doing phototherapy. That is phototherapy method used for the scope of newborn jaundice problems.

  1. Phototherapy of skin problems

Phototherapy is not only done for jaundice. Phototherapy can also be done for skin problems. The phototherapy procedure is performed where patient applies a moisturizer to problematic skin. Then patient takes off their clothes, except for their underwear, and is asked to wear goggles or eye protection while undergoing phototherapy or light therapy. The patient is asked to lie down or can also sit in a certain area. The doctor operates a device to shine a light on body of certain patients who have skin problems. That is phototherapy method used to treat skin problems.

Some of the Risks of Doing Phototherapy

Unfortunately, phototherapy has several complications or risks that can be faced by patients. Especially if phototherapy is done too often, higher the risks. Complications of uva1 phototherapy that can occur are:

  • The risk of skin cancer can increase
  • Skin irritation
  • A suppressed immune system conditions or Immunosuppression
  • Skin has a burning sensation
  • Eyes are more sensitive when looking at light
  • Premature aging can also occur if this phototherapy therapy is carried out excessively
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Methods to Stop Aging Skin Problems

Staying young is the desire of many people, to get youthful skin, there are various ways we can do it. Various cosmetic products can be used and we can also improve our daily habits. The problem of aging that is commonly suffered by many people is facial wrinkles. Facial wrinkles are folds of skin. As you get older, less of collagen protein your skin can produces. The impact is that skin is thinner, prone to various damages and other problems.

Several Methods To Prevent Facial Skin Aging

Exposure to environmental pollution, dehydration, and toxins in body can trigger more facial wrinkles. Even so, appearance of facial wrinkles is a common thing as you get older. If you want to reduce various signs of facial aging, below are some steps you can take.

Don’t frown frequently

From facial expressions that are done repeatedly, there is a potential risk of facial wrinkles more. It is better if you don’t wrinkle your forehead often including squinting your eyes even though many people do this often. It is better to avoid such habits from now on because muscles will be overworked. This will create lines on the surface of skin. If wrinkles appear, it will be difficult for us to get rid of those facial wrinkles. You can wear reading glasses for example to avoid this bad habit.

Try sleeping on your back

When sleeping, you better try to lie on your back. If you often sleep on your side, this position can create wrinkles on your chin and cheeks. The wrinkles won’t fade quickly once you wake up. It is not only sleeping on your side that needs to be avoided. If you wake up on your stomach, it is easy to make eyebrow wrinkles which are also difficult to remove.

Eat salmon more often

Salmon is a fish that can be a great source of protein. Omega 3 in salmon can nourish skin, and keep our skin supple. The result is that frequent consumption of salmon makes skin more youthful. The high antioxidant content in salmon can help ward off the effects of free radicals. Salmon nutrition is also able to repair skin cells to become healthier.

Using AHA cream

The natural acids in AHA can get rid of facial wrinkles naturally. Not only that, various problems such as enlarged pores and facial lines can be treated using skincare products that contain AHAs. AHAs can produce collagen in skin layer, thus making skin firmer and more supple. The use of creams with AHAs and sunscreens can also avoid negative effects of sun exposure.

Avoid washing your face frequently

Cleaning face can make skin fresher and cleaner. However, don’t clean your face too often, especially if you use foam with chemicals. If you wash your face frequently, it can reduce natural moisture. Natural oils in skin cannot grow optimally. You better use soap with a mild formula. You can also choose a face wash that contains moisturizer. Wash your face using soap twice a day. The rest is enough to wash using clean water only.

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Taking Care of your Skin’s pH

Various skin problems that are often experienced by women are acne, oily skin, redness and premature aging. These problems stem from sun exposure and skincare products. But the pH of the skin also affects the health of our skin.

Maintaining the pH of facial skin is very important so that levels can be balanced and can keep the skin healthier.

What is the pH of facial skin?

Potential hydrogen, also known as skin pH, is a measure used to show the level of acidity in the skin.

Normal skin pH is on a scale of 0-14. The natural pH of the skin has been protected by the acid mantle, which is a thin layer on the surface of the skin that is formed from lipids or fats, amino acids and its secretions on the oil skin.

Acid mantle is what functions to keep facial skin moist and protect the face from dirt. If the pH of the facial skin is not balanced, what happens is that the face can experience redness, acne, dry skin and can destroy collagen in the skin.

How do you maintain the pH of facial skin?

In order to keep the pH of facial skin on a normal scale, you have to do a variety of easy ways to do it at home. If you often go out of the house, make sure you have followed these steps:

  1. Choose Soft Facial Wash

Many facial wash products contain low pH, the goal is to keep the skin moisturised and the acid mantle to function properly.

Look for a facial wash that is soft and comfortable to wear. Do not wash your face using soap which will make your face feel pulled.

If the facial wash contains a sufficiently harsh substance, the effect will be that your face will feel irritated, irritated and feel like it is being pulled.

  1. Use a Toner

There are two types of toner that can be found, namely hydrating toner and exfoliating toner. Hydrating toner functions to keep skin moisturized and healthy.

Use a hydrating toner after every wash your face. The goal is to maintain pH balance by maintaining the production of acidic substances in the skin.

Meanwhile, you can use exfoliating toner to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliate every 2 times in 1 week.

  1. Apply a moisturizer

To maintain the pH balance of the skin, you must regularly use a moisturizer. Use a moisturizer every morning and night in your skin care series.

Use a moisturizer brand that matches your skin type. If you have oily skin or acne, you can buy a moisturizer with noncomedogenic because it will not clog pores.

  1. Use Sunscreen

After you have done all the steps above, using sunscreen is very important. Sunscreen contains SPF to protect facial skin from the sun.

Even though the face has an acid mantle that will protect the skin from dirt and heat from the sun, if you don’t use sunscreen, the tissue on your skin will slowly be damaged.

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Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care

Many skincare products contain natural ingredients to treat facial skin. It is important to know that choosing skincare must also be seen from the basic ingredients.

Doing treatment at a dermatologist may make your skin look cleaner and brighter in no time. However, the ingredients contained in the skincare may contain chemicals that are not good for the skin barrier.

The Importance of Choosing Natural Skincare

Choosing skincare with natural ingredients does not have an immediate effect, but it is much safer than skincare made from chemicals. Even now, skincare products from abroad are competing to make natural-based skincare products.

For example Tea Tree, Chamomile, Aloe Vera and others. This basic ingredient is often found in several skincare products.

Tea tree can be used for you if you have acne and redness problems. The content in tea tree can soothe the skin and make acne dry quickly and subside.

Chamomile is usually used in skincare products for dry skin. Because chamomile contains substances that can make the skin look more moist and supple.

There are many other natural ingredients that we can get in skincare products. What is certain is that by using natural based skincare, the skin will feel softer, healthier and maintain the skin barrier.

Benefits of Using Natural Ingredients Skincare

There are many things we can get if we regularly use natural based skincare. Besides being safe for facial skin, natural skincare can keep your skin barrier good.

Here are the reasons why you should use natural based skincare ingredients:

  1. Safe to use every day

Because it is made from natural ingredients, this skincare is safe to use every day. This skincare product can make your skin softer and provide moisture.

So don’t hesitate anymore to switch to natural based skincare and stop using chemical products.

  1. Reducing Damage to the Skin

Too often using chemical skincare can make the skin break down quickly, especially on the skin barrier. The strength of your facial skin will decrease because chemicals can damage your skin barrier.

Especially if you have sensitive skin, it is very appropriate to buy skincare with natural ingredients. Natural based skincare will not irritate and dry your skin.

  1. Gives Reflection To The Skin

Using natural based skincare can make the skin calmer. Skincare that contains chemicals can indeed provide rapid changes to the skin, but if used every day can be dangerous.

If you have been using chemical based skincare, then switch to natural skincare so you can feel your skin healthier.

  1. Skin Becomes Healthier

Natural-based skincare can make the skin healthier because it can maintain the skin’s pH balance. Besides that, skincare made from natural ingredients can also strengthen the skin barrier.

If the skin barrier is in good condition, then our skin can avoid acne, blackheads, dry skin and other problems. therefore, fix the skin barrier first, then we can use many types of skincare.

  1. Natural Glowing

There are several chemical ingredients in skincare that make skin glowing quickly. Moreover, many women want natural glowing skin. Unfortunately the use of these chemicals can damage your skin.

So you can replace it with natural based skincare, for example, such as skincare that contains olive oil which can help your skin glow naturally.

Besides that, it is liquid skincare made from chamomile that can make your skin bright and moisturized.

That is the advantage if you use natural based skincare. Not only does it make your skin look healthier, but you can also get natural beauty without having to use chemicals

So don’t choose the wrong type of skincare that can damage your skin barrier.

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Best Solution For Overcoming Acne Facial Problems

Oil or excess sebum on the facial skin can cause acne. Therefore, proper facial care is needed. Acne is a skin problem experienced by many people. Often eating fried foods, drinking milk, eating foods that contain lots of protein, and so on can cause skin breakouts. If we have a face with acne, it can interfere with our appearance. In fact, we no longer have high self-confidence if our faces have pimples. Therefore, we need to know some right solutions to deal with this one skin problem.

Some Steps to Overcome Acne Skin Problems

So that you can avoid acne, you can read some of the following information about how to avoid acne. So that you will have a face with a beautiful and healthier face.

Start by knowing the causes of acne

You have to know some causes of acne first so that it can be prevented later. As discussed earlier, the cause of acne is amount of oil on facial skin. For those who live in tropical climates, it is definitely easier to experience skin problems, be it oily or acne. Even so, there are also causes of facial acne and oiliness such as genetic factors, food, and unstable hormones.

Clean your face regularly

Cleaning face is also one of the stages of overcoming facial acne problems. Washing your face can be adjusted to your routine. Generally, right time to wash your face is when you shower in morning and at night. To be more optimal, it is better for you to clean with double cleansing method to make it cleaner. First of all, clean the makeup, dirt, and dust on face using a facial cleanser. Then wash your face using facial foam. You have to make sure the products have safe and active ingredients. Better to use gentle care products, especially those with sensitive skin.

Dry gently

After washing the face, of course, must be dried. Make sure to dry your face gently. Use a soft and clean towel to clean remnants of stain more completely. Gently pat your face while drying it, so that your facial skin can avoid friction. The friction on face can cause pores to widen and can make dirt enter more easily, which can lead to acne.

Perform exfoliation treatment

Exfoliation is a very important facial treatment and has been done by many people. The benefits of exfoliation are indeed very important for facial health and beauty, so many people do this one treatment. Regular application of exfoliation can treat facial acne. Because with exfoliation, dead skin cells can be removed. Dead skin cells can clog pores and need to be cleaned. Exfoliating treatments can also help make pores smaller. Free radicals are difficult to make your face dirty and your face can avoid acne problems. Even though exfoliation is an important skincare treatment, don’t overdo it when you exfoliate it.

Avoid touching your face

Not only a few steps above but there also are more ways to deal with facial skin problems with acne that should not be forgotten. You better avoid touching your face excessively. This bad habit can trigger pimples to appear on your face. The reason is that there is dirt, bacteria, and oil from the hands that move to face area. So that it makes facial skin unhygienic. So, for those of you who want a clean and acne-free face, make sure to reduce the habit of holding your face.

Choose the most suitable facial care products

Nowadays, there are many brands and types of care products that we can use for our faces. However, we should not just choose these care products carelessly. You must use care products that match your facial skin type. Especially if you want to use facial cleansers, you must make sure that ingredients in the product are completely safe. Use care products with active ingredients that suit your needs. Facial care products for dry skin, sensitive skin, and oily skin are certainly different. If you use the wrong face care products, you can get acne and various other skin problems. Instead of getting healthy and clean skin, our skin is damaged by inappropriate care products. That’s all, I hope the information about care products above is useful for you.

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